1. What is pictat.com?
    pictat.com is a free image hosting solution. It is designed for you to share digital pictures with friends, post images on message and bulletin boards and blogs.
  2. What is a maximum file size I can upload to your server?
    There is no limit on the size of file you can upload
  3. Why is your service absolutely free?
    Yea the service its complety free
  4. Is hotlinking allowed?
    Hot linking is embedding an image into a message board, personal webpage, or ebay auction. You can hotlink thumbnails leading to large images. Cant hotlink large images for now.
  5. How many images am I allowed to upload?
    You may upload as many images as you wish.
  6. Wich image formats are allowed?
    You can upload your image in any format you want, this page support up to 100 image formats, the image will be converted into jpg, png or gif.
  7. Have more questions? Please e-mail us at pictat@pictat.com